Over 240 titles in the audio-visual section of the Woodbrooke library now have Braille labels. 

A list of the titles has been recorded on to a USB with a short synopsis of content. This will be updated as more titles are added.

Topics are outlined shelf by shelf giving the relevant track numbers. Each track lasts around 5 minutes.

On the top shelf (tracks 5 to 13 in the recorded catalogue) are mainly Quaker works including early Quaker publications, Swarthmore lectures and publications relevant to our testimonies

Shelf 2 (tracks 14 to 20 in the catalogue) has mainly bibles and topics from the Great Courses on scripture and religion

Shelf 3 (tracks 21 to 32 in the catalogue) has films and more from the Great Courses, including information on other faiths

Shelf 4 (tracks 33 to 43 in the catalogue) has more films, more Great Courses, climate issues, poetry reading, music

Bottom shelf (tracks 44 to 47 in the catalogue) has more films, readings, and miscellaneous

To obtain a copy of the recorded catalogue, send a blank USB to: 

Woodbrooke Library
1046 Bristol Road
B29 6LJ 

There is also a Braille catalogue which you can use if visiting the library. 

The library is happy to email you a list of the resources held. 

To borrow from the library for home use, it is necessary to become a member of the library. This costs £15.00 per annum. If you are visiting Woodbrooke, the library has a Roberts CD player that you would be welcome to borrow – just ask in the library office. 

You can borrow either in person or by mail. Visually impaired borrowers are not charged postage as Royal Mail allows the concession to visually impaired users of their service. 

To enquire about joining the library or to request a written list of audio-visual material, email library@woodbrooke.org.uk or phone 0121 415 6786. 

Thanks to Alan and Hilary Johnson for labelling the titles.