A number of Quaker books are available to subscribers from Talking Friends.

Please note that we are currently transferring all the titles to digital format and will supply them on a single USB memory stick. 

Subscribers should send a memory stick with the titles of requested books to Alan Johnson, address below


List of books available

Twelve Quakers and God – No 1 Quaker Quest

Twelve Quakers and Worship – No 2 Quaker Quest

Twelve Quakers and Pacifism – No 3 Quaker Quest

Twelve Quakers and Evil – No 4 Quaker Quest

Twelve Quakers and Simplicity – No 5 Quaker Quest

Twelve Quakers and Jesus – No 6 Quaker Quest

Twelve Quakers and Equality – No 7 Quaker Quest

Twelve Quakers and Death – No 9 Quaker Quest


General Quaker

Truth of the Heart Rex Ambler

A Light that is Shining Harvey Gilman

Love Growing in us John Lampen

Light to Live By Rex Ambler

Patterns of Eldership and Oversight (E&O Committee Booklet No 1)

Quality & Depth of Worship & Ministry (E&O Committee Booklet No 5)

Courage to Grow Ruth Fawell

The Wounded Meeting FGC

A Light that is Shining Harvey Gilman

Spiritual Hospitality Harvey Gilman

I have always wanted to be Jewish (Pendle Hill pamphlet) Clair Gorfinkel

Speaking to Our Condition Alistair Heron

A Testament of Devotion Thomas Kell

Facing Death Diana Lampen

The Christian Life Kathleen Lonsdale

Coming Home (with People Called Quakers) Gerald Priestland

The People Called Quakers (with Coming

Home) Duncan Wood

Alternative Christianity John Punshon

Caring for One Another QHS

QHS Leaflets QHS

Quakerism in the 21st Century Philip Rack

Working on Self-Respect Michael Sorenson

Jung & the Quaker Way Jack Wallis


Swarthmore Lectures

Faith, Power and Peace (2015 Swarthmore Lecture) Diana Francis

Playing in the Presence (2002 Swarthmore Lecture) Jackie Leach Scully

Wrestling with the Angel (2001 Swarthmore Lecture) Tony Stoller

Ground and Spring (2007) Beth Allan

No Extraordinary Power (2005) Helen Steven

Spirited Living (2004) Simon Fisher

Interfaith Pilgrims (2003) Eleanor Nesbitt

A Faith to Call Our Own (1999) Alex Wildwood

Previous Convictions (1992) Christine Trevitt

Testimony & Tradition (1990) John Punshon

Broken for Life (1989) Jocelyn Burnell

A Minority of One (1988) Harvey Gilman

Mending Hurts (1987) John Lampen

What Canst Thou Say? (1980) Janet Scott

On Having a Sense of All Conditions (1971) Charles Carter

Search for Reality in Religion (1965) John MacMurray