Development Appeal

We we are launching an appeal to support our work for visually impaired Friends so that we can develop and reach more potential users.

Since 2012, recordings have been sent on Memory Sticks. The cost of the new recording equipment and Sticks was carried by our subscription income and our reserves, which were largely used up.

We now wish to upgrade our website at a cost of £1,500. This initiative hopes to reach a greater number of potential subscribers, as the increase in the ageing population will result in more Friends with sight impairment. If funds allow, we also plan a feasibility study on how best to serve our visually impaired readers.

Can you help us to help those Friends who cannot read these words, by contributing to our costs? Payment should be made by bank transfer, cheque or CAF voucher to Talking Friends using the form which can be downloaded below.

Please sign the Giftaid section if you are a UK tax payer (unless you send a CAF voucher).

Please return the form to:

Gillian Bryan, 7 Oak Tree House, Bournville, Birmingham B30 1TU

Alan Johnson Co-convener

Download Appeal Form Here